DVI or HDMI For Watching Movies and Playing Games

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I want to find out the best video port for playing games and watching movies. I have a 32-inch LCD screen that I use as my computer monitor but right now, I'm still using VGA port which looks very awful on a large screen. What does DVI that HDMI and what is the advantage of using DVI instead of HDMI?

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DVI or HDMI For Watching Movies and Playing Games


Hello Alec.

Both DVI and HDMI carry digital video signals.  The only benefit of HDMI over DVI is the ability to carry sound together with video on the same cable.  If your TV speakers are better than your computer's sound system, then you could use HDMI to lessen the number of cables between the TV and your computer.

This actually depends on your TV but, generally, you will get better video quality on DVI when using the TV as a PC monitor.  In fact, most people recommend using DVI for general purpose use of your computer such as word processing, web browsing and gaming.  HDMI, on the other hand, is better suited when watching high resolution movies.

So now it is up to you to choose whether to go with DVI or HDMI or both.  Refer to your TV's user manual on how to switch between HDMI and DVI so you can switch to either one depending on what you need.

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