DVDForm Cannot format this disc

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Hey everyone,

On my system I had some problems with CD devices. Including software (Nero) I have installed DVD-RAM driver and DVD Form. With DVD Form I tried to format DVD disc to UDF file system, but it failed and I got an error message.

New hardware is Samsung DVD writes. OS Windows XP SP2. If anyone had a problem like this please help.

Any suggestion/ device is more than welcome.



Cannot format this disc.

Confirm disk and try formatting again.


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DVDForm Cannot format this disc


You are saying that you need to format a DVD device but then you are receiving the error as you have stated above. Well, what I think is the cause of the problem is either the DVD drive itself or the drivers that you installed for the DVD device:

  • The DVD device could be read only, and that means it can only be written to one time. If you try to write on it another times then it will refuse and bring you the error above. In that case, the remedy will be to get another DVD so that you can write the files that you have on it.
  • The problem could be also with the DVD drivers that you have installed. You just said that you installed a new DVD hardware for the DVD which is samsung. And therefore you will need to get fresh drivers for that particular hardware for the drivers of the old hardware may not work on it.

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