Driveimage xml: ERROR MESSAGE: Missing”>”

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When I try to restore an xml drive icon to a secondary drive I am facing the following error:

ERROR MESSAGE: Missing”>”in close tag of element bitmap item

My PC has three (3) drives. I want to restore the icon to the third drive which has been separated and ended active. Then I try to mark to an IDE drive. My original drive was SATA.

Please help. Thanks.

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Driveimage xml: ERROR MESSAGE: Missing”>”


Let me assume that you have file access on that XML file. Open that file in an XML editor but if you don’t have one I have researched about a free xml editor here is the link download and install the program. .

Go to the file look for the element named “<bitmapitem>”. For this element must have a closing tag </bitmapitem> or somewhere here or in the tags there must have a missing “>” bracket, try to find out that one and save the file and try again if that will works good day and enjoy your stay here.

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