Dream weaver JavaScript error(s) occurred:

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When I go to help menu then I receive error that this program can’t find the displayHelp.js file in the configuration or commands folder. I can’t find this file I try to search this file in my system where this program is installed, but I can’t find.

Also,when I try to remove this program then again appear this error.


Dream weaver

The following JavaScript error(s) occurred:

Unable to open script file “C:Program Files (x86)AdobeAdobe Dreamwevaer CS4ConfigurationCommandsdisplayHelp.js”(error 2).



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Dream weaver JavaScript error(s) occurred:



Hi Henry,


This is the common problem. I already face this one problem. What I did is I just uninstall this application. Then install it back. Sometimes it happened because of luck of installed file. Meaning when you installing this application some of this file was missing. So I suggest that uninstall your application then install it back again but you have to be sure that this time you have full access in this entire file. If you cannot uninstall this application find a website where you can download the full version of this application. Or if you can choose a file that you want to download much better because you don’t need to find a missing file in your application. Good luck. Thanks, 

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