Dragon Dictation Hangs when Sending Dictated Text Message

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I was confused why every time I try to send a dictated text message, my application hangs and do not respond. It then minimized itself without sending the text message. The application only works if the message is typed below the keyboard photo.

I also cannot use speech to text to enter message because the application also crashed when I use the feature. I tried searching for online help but it looks like this is the first time in the world that this problem occurred.

Am I the first one encountering this problem? Apple Care does not have this topic in their FAQ section.

Please help.

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Dragon Dictation Hangs when Sending Dictated Text Message


My suggestions are:

  • If you installed dragon 2.5, uninstall it & install 2.0. Dragon-Detect 2.0 has fewer problems than Dragon Detect 2.5.
  • If you have dragon detect 2.0 then uninstall it. Install it again. Upgrade to Dragon-Detect 2.5 using Mac-Snow-Leopard. This method will work much better than the installing dragon 2.5 from CD.
  • Record each Word of yours thoroughly in Dragon-Detect 2.5. Sometimes, low quality speech recording are hard to process by Dragon-Detect.
  • As you need Internet connection for Dragon-Detect, Low Internet connectivity hampers the detection processing. Sometimes it hangs or stops the Dragon-Detect. So check your Internet Connectivity and upgrade to medium or high Internet connection.


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