Draft script that can work in several Shells

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I am assigned to draft some scripts that can work in several Shells, as our company avails multiple variants of UNIX. Can SYS-ED UNIX program is capable to supply my needs? If not, can you refer one to fix my problem?

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Draft script that can work in several Shells


Hello Raymond Alonzo,

I guess the SYS-ED UNIX program should be able to give you the capability to draft the scripts so that they can work in different shells. The good thing with SYS-ED is that it supports most of the Linux distributions and therefore when you are using UNIX you should be able to run the scripts on other Linux distributions Linux like Redhat, suse and others.

But you will need to get a manual that will guide you on how to work with the SYS-ED so as to make use of that functionality, and you should be to obtain one online for free.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung



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