Downgrading from Microsoft Office 2010 to Microsoft Office 2007

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I recently purchased five workstations with Windows 7 as their operating system to replace five existing Windows XP workstations.

All five workstations were delivered with Microsoft Office 2010. My users not being accustomed to working with Microsoft Office 2010 are requesting for me to downgrade to Microsoft Office 2007.

I would like to know what the steps are to downgrading to Microsoft Office 2007.

Is this a task i can perform myself or do i need professional assistance?

I was also wondering how i can get the installation media and if my 2010 license will work for the 2007 installation.

Maybe i should return the workstations to the vendor and ask for Office 2007 instead?

Any response would be appreciated.

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Downgrading from Microsoft Office 2010 to Microsoft Office 2007


Dear Mandy,

Your problem is simple and I can share to you some solutions and tips in order to solve your problem.

Well here I will tell to you some solution in order to solve your problems.

In order to downgrade your Microsoft Office 2010:

  • The first thing you do is to uninstall the Microsoft Office 2011 how?
  • If your are using Windows 7 Operating system.
  • Go to control Panel then find the name which is Programs and Features.
  • Then click on it, then after you click it you wait for a while because it will load all the programs that is being installed in your desktop or laptop after loading all the applications and drivers.
  • Find the name which is Microsoft Office 2010. Then after that you right click and then click on change.
  • After all the process, insert the Microsoft Office 2007 to continue.
  • Then if it is already done put the serial key of the Microsoft office 2007 in order to activate the product.

Other solutions:

  • The other solutions are, you can also uninstall the product.
  • The first thing you do is to go to control panel.
  • Again find the name which is Programs and Features.
  • Then after that find the Microsoft Office 2010.
  • Right click and then click the Uninstall again wait for a while.
  • Then after that it will have a message that you need to reboot the system.
  • So restart your computer/laptop then after that you can see that the Microsoft Office 2010 is already removed.
  • From then you're going to install again the lower version of Microsoft Office 2010 which is the 2007.

Preparing The important things to begin the Installation:

  • The first thing you will do in order to begin the installation.
  • You need a CD of Microsoft Office 2007 with the original Serial Number.
  • After preparing all the important things we can now start installing our new version of Microsoft Office which is the 2007 version.

Installing the Microsoft Office 2007:

  • First thing you do is to insert the original disk of Microsoft Office 2007.
  • Then wait for a while until something will pop-op which is the Microsoft Office 2007.
  • Then you will enter the CD key of the Microsoft Office 2007.
  • Then after that you will choose if you want to customize or to Install all the Features of the Microsoft Office 2007
  • If you will choose customize you are going to select preferred applications to be installed in your computer like for example your users requested to install only the Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Office Excel 2007, and Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.
  • In order for you to do that click the application that you don't want to install like for example you don't want to install Microsoft Access 2007 because you didn't use that in your Office. 
  • Just click Microsoft Access 2007 then right click. then it will appear four choices the first choice is.
  • Run From my computer the second choice is Run all From my computer the third choice is Installed on First use and the Fourth choice is Not available.
  • Now click the last choice which is the Not available, so that when you're going to begin the installation the Microsoft Access 2007 will not be included to your installation because you click the option which is Not available.
  • After that click Next then it will appear the Terms and Condition just click check the box below, then click continue.
  • After that the installation is now starting you will wait for how many minutes.
  • After that installation their will be a message that Microsoft Office 2007 has been successfully installed.
  • Just click the close button.

I would like to suggest that you will go back to the vendor where you purchase your Microsoft Office 2010 and change it into Microsoft Office 2007 that is the better way to solve your problem.


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Downgrading from Microsoft Office 2010 to Microsoft Office 2007


You can downgrade Microsoft office 2010 to Microsoft 2007 by uninstalling Microsoft office 2010 and installing Microsoft office 2007.

Steps for uninstalling Microsoft office 2010

1. Go to control panel located at the start icon at the left hand side below your computer screen.

2. Click uninstall program and uninstall Microsoft office 2010.

3. Run CCleaner to get rid of the registry keys.

  •     CCleaner is a tool for cleaning your pc and makes your computer run faster and it will also protect your privacy online. You can download it free at

4. Follow the steps to manually uninstall Microsoft office 2010.

5. Install Microsoft office 2007.

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