Double exposure effect in Adobe After Effects

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How can you achieve a double exposure effects of two different video or picture in the timeline using Adobe After Effects?

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Double exposure effect in Adobe After Effects


Whatsup, your problem can be solved. The effects can be achieved by using Adobe After Effects by setting them in the following format;

Open both photos to be edited in Adobe After Effects.

Go to file menu and select Open to bring up a navigation tool.

Select the image and click Ok. Repeat until both images are open.

Resize the images to dimensions. Go to image on top toolbar and select 'image size' from the drop down menu.

Select the image you are to use as base exposure

Select entire image and select ctrl and A on the keyboard or go to "Select" on the top toolbar and select "All" from the drop-down menu.

Select Move tool from one palette to another. It allows you to move one image to another.Drag the top image over the bottom image and make sure edges align.
Adjust opacity of the top image, Use layers palette on the right side of the screen and double-click 'layer 1' which is the top image. It brings the 'layer' menu. Under 'Blending options' you can move the slider to the left until you are satisfied with the appearance.
Flatten image to a single layer by going to Layer in toolbar and selecting Flatten image. 
Save the image.

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