DOS program HOS.AAA, to figure amortization

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An Old DOS Program, HOS.AAA, to figure Amortization Schedules. Of the printers it gives me to choose from, the latest Model is the HP Laserjet 2 Series which has not been produced for years. Now I have installed a Kyocera FS3920DN printer, and the program is not print to it.My PC has the driver for the printer, but how do I tell the DOS program to use it.?

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DOS program HOS.AAA, to figure amortization


You have to change the Command of Print in the DOS program. Generally the file that has a CMD file. Importantly the command is given as:

Take the net.exe command to develop a constant connection. For doing this, use the following syntax at order rapid net use lptx \printserversharename /persistent:yes here x is the number of the printer that you need to map, where the printserver is server of print that is using the printer, and sharename is XXXXX XXXXX of the printer share.

Remember this,

  1. Press “Start”, then press “Run”.

  2. In Open box, press CMD, then press OK.

  3. Press net use lpt2 \pserverlaser1 /persistent: yes, and then press ENTER.

  4. To exit the command box, press "exit", then press ENTER.

Note: Windows XP, non-administrative users do not map an LPT into a network printer pathway, then the LPT port exists on computer as physical parallel port.
For more suggestions about how to set LPT port, click the given article number to view the article in Microsoft Knowledge Base: 313644 Non-administrators cannot remap an LPT port to a network printer Non-administrators do not remap an LPT port into a network printer.


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