A DOS attack could leave your system out of use

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What is a three way handshake? What are the three components of a 3 way handshake? What is a denial of service attack? How can the 3 way handshake method be used to create a denial of service attack? What is the consequence of a DOS attack? What can you do if your system comes under a DOS attack?

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A DOS attack could leave your system out of use



Distributed denial of Service, called as DDos or DOS attack is an old but effective hacking method. In this situation, a massive request is made that makes the server busy and out of work.

Hackers prepare sequential requests to the server for having data. This request is too much in number that forces the server to focus on the incoming requests and forget about other works. It makes the server so busy that it becomes unusable unless the system completely shuts down.

This type of attack is generally made to flood the server system with traffic, making the server unavailable as long as the attack keeps on coming.

There are many security technique to make this sort of attack under control. For example, you can sign up your website for any web security provider, like CloudFlare. Also, you can deploy filter that only a few requests from one IP should be recognized and others will be denied.

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