Does Wii U much better than Playstation 2?

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I want to buy a gaming stuff. However, I've heard about the Wii U. Does this Wii U much better than PSP 2? I wonder if it's better than it? Can anybody help me about choosing the better one?

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Does Wii U much better than Playstation 2?



Yes, Wii U is much better than the Playstation 2. For example Wii U can support up to four types of controllers which they can be connected at once (Nunchuck controller, Classic controller, Classic controller Pro and Wii Balance Board). This new type of console is backward compatible with Wii accessories and games. Another important thing, in my opinion, is that it supports 1080p,1080i and it can output stereoscopic 3D to an external device with 3D technology.

You have a 6.2" LCD screen on the Wii U and on the PSP2 you have a 5.0" display, both having an aspect of 16:9. Another plus is that the Wii U console comes with a installed browser which will let you surf the internet, from you bed (you should have a Wi-Fi connection). 

Besides that  Wii U combines the motion-sensing game play with the ability to support full HD graphics so that you can enjoy gaming in the best way possible.

I have played on both of them,Wii U and PSP 2 and I can honestly say that Wii U is the best. Graphics captivate you and you really think that you are in the middle of the action. I have played for more than 2 hours without any break. On the PSP2 on the other hand… after 45 minutes I wanted to go back to the Wii U.

I hope you are satisfied with the answer, best regards.



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