Does Ubuntu supports iTunes software?

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       I am a music lover. I have a wide collection of music in my laptop. I often use my music during parties. Sometimes I become a rookie dj on some events. I also have an Ipod Classic 3rd generation. By any chance, does Ubuntu supports iTunes? I wanted to use Ubuntu OS to give me some attitude when doing my DJ work.


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Does Ubuntu supports iTunes software?


Yes , you can download , install and use iTunes Soft wares.
 To download and install in Ubuntu OS , you can do the following.

  • Download WINE : Wine is Linux software which is used to run windows software and you can download and install thru wine.
  • type this command in the terminal

                      # sudo dpkg -i wine_0.9.45~ubuntu7.04-1_i386.deb

  • Now configure wine , simple type in the terminal winecfg and follow the instructions.

                        Choose WinXP option in applications tab.
                        Select autodetect option in drivers tab.
                        Select ALSA driver and click ok to save the changes.

Find the latest version of iTunes that has to be downloaded for Ubuntu version .

  • Find the latest download from


  • After downloading , goto the installed terminal path and type this command  wine iTunesSetup.exe

And follow the instructions and configure the setup details required.It takes couple of go's and finish the installation of iTunes software ! Congrats 🙂

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Does Ubuntu supports iTunes software?



Although Apple mostly purposely obscures the workings of iPods with non Apple software, even it goes to the far end of altering the software again and again to intentionally make it difficult for other Non Apple softwares to be competatnt with it. But LUCKILY Ubuntu works very well with iPods yahoo!!!

 It has some problems with newest generation iPod Touch, iPhone, Nano iPod and any other future generation Apple devices in which where Apple purposefully changed their systems but yours 3rd generation is fine with Ubuntu.

You can use full music management applications (like adding music, syncing, and creating playlists) like Banshee, Amarok or gtkpod. The work pretty consistent with the iPod and will help you to import your music on to you iPod.

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Does Ubuntu supports iTunes software?



Dear Gwen Parks,

It is possible to use iTunes for your Ubuntu operating system. To use iTunes for your Ubuntu first you need to use wine emulator. By using this you can use iTunes for your Ubuntu. Although this process is some difficult that is why I am giving a link, from this link you will find your solution

Thanks and Regards


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