Does temperature make any difference in CPU?

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I have got two new rebuilds. The first one is i7 2600Kw Giga MB h67 and the other one is i7 2500Kw Giga Z68 MB. The genuine idle temperature of the first one is 37 Degree C while the other’s is 48 Degree C. Both of them have the Corsair 430 watt PSU. I have reset every part of my motherboard but that didn’t make any difference. Does temperature make any difference in CPU?

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Does temperature make any difference in CPU?


One of the reasons why temperature is important for CPUs is you want your hardware to be able to perform, even beyond your expectations, without increasing the risk of hardware failure caused by overheating. Logically, and this applies not only to computers, high temperature can cause electrical devices to overheat, damaging the internal, minute parts. Ensuring that your system stays within its normal temperature range will make your system perform reliably, even lengthening its lifespan.

Since you already know the temperatures of your systems what you need to do now is to find out if those temperatures are within the range of its normal and accepted temp. Even if you have the other at a higher reading of 48 degrees C, if it’s within its tolerable range then that’s ok. To verify that, you need to do more research as you also need to take into consideration what else is connected to your motherboard. I suggest you go to this site dedicated to hardware performance while minimizing the risk of overheating:

Not only will you get tips on hardware settings and setup, you'll also get advices on how to lower your system's temperature to improve performance.

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