Does hibernate in Windows need power?

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I put my Lenovo X220 in hibernation, unplugged the power adapter and did not power it back on the whole day. When I went back the next day, I realized it turned off since it didn't have the adapter plugged in, so I pressed the power button and the computer immediately went to the screen where I left it the day before. I'm curious as to what happened. Why did it go directly to the same page where I left the day before when it was not plugged into the power adapter and there was no battery installed as well?

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Does hibernate in Windows need power?


The hibernation option works in a different way than shutting down your laptop.

Hibernation is made with a complete different process, but first, you must understand what RAM is.

RAM is Random Access Memory. It's the type of memory in your computer that you can upgrade or downgrade. In comparison to ROM (Read Only Memory), RAM can be written and rewritten. RAM can store data for a long time until it is no longer necessary or deleted.

This is what happens in hibernation mode. All you essential data and current state of the laptop will be saved on the RAM until you power on from hibernation. It is a very useful method for saving energy because when your laptop stores it's current state on the RAM, it powers down, making it inoperable (not using any kind of power) until you power it on.

It is very useful when you need a quick boot-up.

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