Does anyone know anything about solid state drives

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Can you replace your hard drive with a solid state drive if so what are advantages and disadvantages to doing so.

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Does anyone know anything about solid state drives


Solid state  refers to an automated circuits that is created completely with semiconductors. The term Solid State identifies electronics like a transistor radio that utilizes semiconductors instead of vacuum tubes on its production. 

Latest technology today are constructed with semiconductors and chips. With SSD, it is about the reality that the main storage medium is within the semiconductors instead of a magnetic media like a hard drive. 

Given below the advantages and disadvantages of SSD:

SSD Advantages are :

1. There is no moving parts.

2. High-speed performance.

3. Start-up time and Disk read time is faster than the custom hard drives.

4. SSDs start and read data instantly.

5. No noise, compared with the custom hard drives.

SSD Disadvantages are :

1. SSD are a comparatively new addition in the computing game field. As with any latest technology, the kinks are still being ignored out.

2. Currently it has less shortage space than traditional hard drives.

3. SSDs have been slow to catch on is that most of these new drivers have slower write speeds and limited write-cycle lifetime.

4. SSDs write cycles are more limited.

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Does anyone know anything about solid state drives


Dear User,

They are indeed many advantages you can have if when you replace you HDD with SSD.

Here are few advantages you can get from SSD,

1. It uses less power draw

2. Around 22 seconds boot up time.

3. There are no moving parts. So less noisy

4. Produced heat is so little

5.File Copy / Write speed is above 200MB/s

6.30% faster than HDD

7. Safe from magnetism

Also some disadvantages of SSD,

1. Cost is a little higher than HDD

2. Capacity issue. Typically not larger than 250gb for notebook size drives

3. Failure rate of 2.0 million hours since HDD only 1.5 million hours

you can replace your HDD with SDD . and it is a good move.

Thank you

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Does anyone know anything about solid state drives


Yes, you can replace a standard hard drive with an SSD drive but it is not that simple because it will depend on the specification of your machine. A standard hard drive is an IDE or Integrated Drive Electronics. It is technically or commonly known as ATA or Advanced Technology Attachment. There are two types of ATA interface: PATA or Parallel ATA and SATA or Serial ATA.

Now, the standard IDE hard drive is a PATA and a Solid-State Drive or SSD is a Serial ATA or SATA. Before you can replace your IDE drive with a SATA drive, your motherboard should have a SATA port where the cable for the SSD drive will be connected. IDE and SATA ports are different. The image below describes what IDE/ATA and SATA ports look like.

ATA and SATA ports
ATA and SATA ports

In the image, the IDE/ATA port is the blue one labeled “ATA133” while the SATA port is the black labeled “SATAII.” If you have an old motherboard that doesn’t have SATA ports, you can buy a PCI SATA adapter where you can connect your SSD drive.

PCI SATA adapter
PCI SATA adapter

With a PCI or PCI Express SATA adapter, it makes it possible for you to add a SATA drive to your computer.

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