DO You Know How To Fix Sd Card Errors?

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My SD card had stopped working on my android phone, and my files are getting corrupt. The documents have stopped working already, and now my pictures are getting damaged day by day. How to fix sd card errors on my device?

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DO You Know How To Fix Sd Card Errors?


If you are having a problem with your sd card or if it has got corrupted, then you should urgently fix it or remove it before it starts harming your android systems. Here are a few simple steps about how to fix sd card errors. First apply them, then check for 3-4 days, if the same problem appears then change your sd card right away.

1.) Connect android device to your computer and open the sd card or whatever name you have provided to your sd card.

2.) Copy all the data from your sd card to your system and check whether it is working properly in your system or not. Scan the whole system.

3.) After copying the data required, format the whole sd card to remove all the malware.
Format it for 2-3 times continuously and then remove it from your system. Start storing the data on your sd card for 3-4 days and check whether it encounters the same problem or not. In most of the cases, this method helps, but if there is a major issue, then you should change the sd card.

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DO You Know How To Fix Sd Card Errors?


If you use an SD card on your laptop and it stopped working or it can’t be opened, try fixing it first with a disk utility software. Download PC Tools Performance Toolkit and install. Once installed, insert your SD card on the card reader then start PC Tools. Go to “Recovery” tab then select “Repair Drives”.

Select “Surface Scan” among the options then pick the drive letter for your SD card. Click “Start” to begin the checking. When it is finished, check if the drive is now accessible. If this doesn’t work, try formatting it on your computer. Start Windows Explorer then right-click your SD card and select “Format”.

On the other hand, if the drive or SD card can’t be formatted, the storage media is probably dead or has reached its end of life. The lifespan of an SD card or microSD card is the same with USB flash drive. The life of a USB flash drive or the period of its usability depends on the number of “writes” to the drive.

As you delete, copy, and move data to the USB flash drive, you are also shortening its life. When you delete a file or folder on the USB flash drive, it causes a “write” to the drive because you are removing the data from the drive by emptying the space the file or folder occupies.

This is the same when you copy data from your hard drive to the USB flash drive, it “writes” the data to the flash drive. Moving data from another drive to the flash drive or within the flash drive is pretty much the same because it performs both deleting and copying of data.

But don’t worry, a USB flash drive, SD card, or microSD card has millions of writes that’s why it lasts for many years. If the SD card can’t be formatted, just buy a new one and replace it.

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