Do you believe Firefox is the world famous browser…????

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Hi friend,

I am now using Firefox. AND I believe it is the first Brower in the world. Do you agree with me

Any insight would be great.

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Do you believe Firefox is the world famous browser…????



Firefox is pretty much good it depends on how you use it. It also depends on the operating system you use for browsing a website.

Firefox is best used in Windows XP and Windows Vista. 

Another good with Firefox is that you can customize it in the theme, add on's of your choice.

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Do you believe Firefox is the world famous browser…????


Hi Myjone,

Good to hear that you're currently enjoying the Firefox as your main web browser. Although there's a lot of web browsers that are available in the market. Also I will not be agreeing with you that Firefox is the first browser in the world. It is the WorldWideWeb that is later renamed as Nexus way back in 1990. 

Then there's the release of Mosaic which later called Netscape, "the world's first popular browser" in 1993. Microsoft introduced Internet Explorer in 1995 that initiates the industry's first browser war.

Below are the list of popular browsers that are introduced in the market and its corresponding percentage usage:

  1. Opera introduced in 1992 but have a less than 2% browser usage as of Feb 2012. This web browser gained a leading role for use in mobile phones, Smartphones, and other application.
  2. Firefox from Mozilla Foundation was introduced 1998 using the open source software model. They have 28% browser usage as of Aug 2011.
  3. Safari from Apple was released in Jan 2003 and having 7% browser market.
  4. Chrome most recent browser introduced in the market which released last Sep 2008. This web browser have 16% usage share and overtook Internet Explorer 8 as the most widely used web browsers as of this period.

The best asset of Mozilla Firefox is its compatibility with different Operating System such as Windows, OS X, Linux, BSD, and other UNIX products unlike Google Chrome (runs only on Windows, OS X, and Linux) and Internet Explorer (runs only on Windows OS). Firefox is the only web browser that has all common browser features implemented locally. This web browser has the following:

  • Bookmark management.
  • Download management.
  • Password managing.
  • Form managing.
  • Spell checking.
  • Search engine toolbar.
  • Per-site security configuration.
  • Privacy mode.
  • Auto updater.

Mozilla Firefox also has the overall score of 100/100 on ACID Test. You may also take note that most browsers are available in more than one language and Firefox has the most number of language applied. 

Although from recent article posted, the new Firefox version will delay ban on third party tracking cookies for advertisers. This is a decision from Firefox that they will block the third-party cookies by default which made it a controversial.

To sum up, we can say that aside from Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, Mozilla is one of the most competitive web browser available in the market.

I hope my insights help you in comparing Firefox with other web browser.

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Do you believe Firefox is the world famous browser…????


HI Myjone,

Understand that you are using Firefox right now and glad that you are enjoying it. Firefox is indeed the best browser that is available due to its browsing speed. Plus you also have extensions (add-in) which indirectly suggests that we are building our own browser. What is even better is that it also provides identity theft protection to warn users of a potential dangerous website.

WorldWideWeb was the first browser invented in the 1990 which was later termed as "Nexus". However, in 1993 it was developed by a different genius named Marc Andreessen who named it Mosaic. 

Which later became Netscape. It's during this period that Microsoft and Opera launched their browser but in 1998 Netscape introduced the Mozilla foundation which later evolved into which we now know as Firefox.

Happy reading.

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Do you believe Firefox is the world famous browser…????



I'm glad you are also using Firefox as your web browser. It is found out to be the 3rd of the worlds most used web browser.

It was named before as Phoenix but was later renamed. It can access many websites and is user friendly.

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