Do I need this webinar tool – Zoomit

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I'm hosting my first webinar in a couple weeks.  I heard about a tool called Zoomit, but I'm not quite sure on the specifics of it.  What is it mainly used for, and do I really need to have it added to my presentation?  I am pressed for time, because I have other on-going projects.  

What is the straight forward function of Zoomit? 

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Do I need this webinar tool – Zoomit


Hello Mr.Diego,

So you want to present your webinar using ZOOMIT?
Well Zoomit is mainly used for Zooming your Desktop.
By that I mean…
It lets you zoom the desktop using your mouse wheel or arrow keys.
I suggest you add it because this Particular software will enable you to show or present what ever you want in a size that's easy to watch or see.. more importantly it will let your viewers understand the presentation much better.
Function of zoomit
Well The main function of Zoomit is to Zoom certain things like
Pictures,icons,the desktop and etc.

But You also can use a "wacom pen" to draw lines on images. 😀

Hope you find this information useful.

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