Do i need to constant pinging to keep connection

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I am using a USB data card to browse in my laptop with Windows 7. I am continuously loosing the connection, I have to manually disconnect and reconnect the broadband card get reconnected. Do I need to constantly pinging to keep connected, please advice to prevent this.

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Do i need to constant pinging to keep connection


Hi There,

Pinging a server will be helpful especially on a dial-up connection. Ping by definition is to send a packet to a server and wait for its return. It is also a test if there is an internet connection. Sometimes dial-up connection gets disconnected when idle due to inactivity.

So, to remain connected try to ping your server or host to remind your dial-up Internet Service Provider (ISP) that you’re busy even if idle. It is advisable to ping your server or host at least every 5 minutes.

Try this one: Start Menu > Type CMD. It opens the command prompt.

Type in, Ping <> -t

Ex: Ping -t

This will always ping your host or server.

Getting the Reply from Server

Hope this will help you.

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Do i need to constant pinging to keep connection


I only experience that during bad weather and getting idle for too long gets me disconnected and I have to reconnect again. I’m not sure if a continuous ping will help your problem but you could try. You can use the switch without quotes “-t” to continuously ping a specified URL. For example:

ping –t

Replace “” with the URL you want to use to perform a continuous ping. Press the Windows key + R to bring up the “Run” dialog then type without quotes “cmd” then hit Enter. In the command prompt window, type the ping command as in the example above.

On the other hand, if you are using a USB broadband modem for internet connection, this relies on good signal to provide a stable internet connection just like with the current LTE wireless internet connection being provided by ISPs or Internet Service Providers. In this case, you have to move to a location where you can receive good signal. You can do this easily with a laptop.

But if you are using a desktop computer and you cannot move from one location to another, you can use a USB extension cable.

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