DNS server not responding, the way forward

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Why do we always get domain name service server not responding after routine maintenance of the server? Sometime the server may not respond in two days yet the server is properly running. Last time the adapter setting was modified and connecting back to the server was difficult. Could it be that the firewall was not configured properly? How do we configure the firewall to allow easy access to the server without compromising the network security?

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DNS server not responding, the way forward


The Domain Name Server(DNS) is a server that can translate website address such that your browser can connect to them. If you have difficulties in connecting to server try to check the following issues:

** Verify your connection and try to access with another computer such that if there is any problem in your computer system you can check.

** Unpower your modem for 30 seconds and reconnect it and try.

** Troubleshoot your computer and try to use another browser.

** Make disable if any extra connections are there.

** Check out the DNS cache. If it is outdated, flush out it manually.

** Change your DNS server and try to troubleshoot the router.

All the DNS requests and responses are sent and received on port 53. So, many firewalls are configured as default to accept all the traffic. So there is issue about it. But an exceptional firewall software called “Check point software technologies” exists which is embedded in some of the hardware. So, the systems which are having this embedded software, you should disable the “DNS verification/inspection”.

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