Distorted image on my computer

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When i start up my computer the images on my monitor are distorted. I only see stripes on my screen. I know the problem is not with my screen because i tested the screen on another computer and it works fine. I reinstalled my video drivers but that did not help. 

I am not able to see properly on screen. My computer has an onboard video card.

I restarted my computer several times but it did not help. I need immediate assistance. 

Can my image be fixed? 

Is there a problem with the onboard video card?

Will i need to buy a video card?

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Distorted image on my computer


Good day PatrickMoore.

There is nothing wrong with your monitor. It is your onboard video card that may have been destroyed.

Try looking at the pin connectors if all are still intact. There are instances that the pins are misaligned or crooked or missing which causes a distortion to your monitor. 

What I am referring here is the male port of your video card which contains protruding male pins.

Another option here is to buy a separate video card and plug your monitor to the new video card acquired. 

Make sure the video card you bought is compatible with your motherboard model.

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Distorted image on my computer


Hello PatcrickMoore,

The problem is with your onboard video card. That sounds like overheating. It seems like your system unit has some airflow issues.  

Another major factor that can contribute to the graphics card overheating is the temperature inside the case. So make sure you check the case fans to verify they are all working properly and clean the fan ports as well.

Dust inside your computer can lead to component failure, fan failure, and slow performance.

Solution for this one is to clean your system unit. One of the most effective ways to cool your PC is to clean the internal fans.


You may use a can of compressed air (cost you around $5) to clean any dust buil-up inside the case. Messy cables inside your system unit can also hamper effective ventilation, so make sure all cables are very organized to improve air flow inside the case.

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