Display Plugin error message in Irfan View window

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Hello experts!

I have photos folder filled with some photos and QuickTime videos. A message emerged when I scroll through them.

It displayed:

 DSCN9179.MOV decodes error can't load plugin: "QUICKTIME.DLL"

Please install or update Plug Ins from IrfanView homepage.

That interrupted me, and I need to click [OK] to scroll further. And I couldn't make QuickTime to work, but even if I don't need it,

I played videos via another player. Please display this message like any other image with beautiful IrfanView-style design to make life of your users easier and more beautiful)

Need your help.

Thanks in advance.

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Display Plugin error message in Irfan View window


I think the video file DSCN9179.MOV requires a newer version of QuickTime plug-in in order to play the video.

If you are using an older version of QuickTime then you need to upgrade the plug-in to the latest version.

QuickTime 7.7.1 is the latest version. You can download it here.

The installer is only around 37.5 MB. Open the installer after downloading it then try playing the video again.

If after installing the latest version of QuickTime you still can’t play the video, try upgrading IrfanView. The latest version of IrfanView is 4.32. If you are not yet using the latest version, download it here. Install IrfanView 4.32 then open the video again.

If you feel comfortable with your current version of IrfanView and you don’t wish to upgrade it, you can still install the latest plug-ins.

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