Disk is Too Slow Error in Playing GarageBand

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I am using GarageBand on my Mac PC, and I was trying to record a piece but I got this error message

Core Audio: Disk is too slow (Write) (-10002).

My hard disk is working properly and has enough free spaces.

So I really don’t know why this error is occurring.

Kindly please help me fix this.

Thank you.

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Disk is Too Slow Error in Playing GarageBand


You can be able to fix that problem by simply restarting your system, but in case that does not help you then you will need to try the following tips:

  • You will need to quit as many other programs as can. That will free up system resources and thus it will help with disk swapping problems, too little RAM, and so on.
  • You will also need to make sure that you have plugged in and that you don't have any strange Energy Saver settings. You can check that by going to System Preferences.
  • You will also need to working with source material which is directly on an audio CD or DVD. You will need to copy it onto your computer drive before you go further.
  • Another thing that you will need to do is ensure that you don't have FileVault running, which is built-in disk security system that is meant to keep your data encrypted but then it will slow down reads and writes because everything has to be encrypted/decrypted on the fly.

-Thompson Locker


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