Disk Boot Failure Windows Server 2003

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Windows Server 2003 is installed on my server. It has functioned without any problems for the past two years. All of a sudden, it does not want to boot. When i start it up, I get an error saying "Disk Boot Failure. Insert boot media and try again." I also hear a strange sound coming from the hard drive of the server. Unfortunately, i do not have a back-up of the data on my hard drive. The hard drive is an IDE hard drive. I tried replacing the IDE data cable which connects the hard drivee to the motherboard. I restarted the server but it still does not want to boot. What can i do to get my server to boot up?

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Disk Boot Failure Windows Server 2003


Hi DaveBrowns,

The Disk boot failure comprises with many possible errors. Shown below are the possible solution that might help your problem.

1. Go to Bios setup menu and Set your boot order to:

      CDRom – 1st
      Floppy – 2nd
      Hard Disk – 3rd

2. Make sure that your server computer is not trying to boot from an unbootable disk, that migth be connected to the computer. If it is, remove it.

3. Replace a new IDE ribbon cable and try to boot it again. Ensure that all the hard disks are properly plugged into the computer.

4. Contact the Data Recovery technicians. A Server Recovery company has all the valuable tools and options that can enable extracting lost data from server computers. Possible URL Dtellsr data Recovery

5. Worst come to worst format your haddrive.

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