Disabling Browser loading voice prompts

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Hi there,

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 which is annoying with  browser's voice prompts when loading or starting to load pages, How do I disable this feature? why is this feature working in all my downloaded internet browsers?

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Disabling Browser loading voice prompts


Hello brother,

You have to turn off “Driving mode” to stop the annoying voice command. It is for those who are driving and have got something important on their phone. Then, though it is not possible to look up the phone manually, the voice prompt notifies about the changes.

In order to stop this function,

1. Go to Menu key >> Settings >> Languages and input >> Text-to-speech output.

2. From there, uncheck “Driving mode”.

This will surely stop the stupid voice.

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Disabling Browser loading voice prompts


If you are referring to the “Voice Assistant” or “TalkBack” feature on some Samsung Galaxy phones, it is a feature designed to aid blind and low-vision users by speaking actions out loud when an item is touched, selected, or activated. This feature is called “TalkBack” on older models and “Voice Assistant” on newer phones.

If you have this feature enabled on your phone by default, here’s how to disable it. Double-tap “Apps”, double-tap “Settings” then scroll down and double-tap “Accessibility”. Next, double-tap “Vision” then double-tap “Voice Assistant” or “TalkBack” whichever is available. On the next screen, double-tap the slider to turn the feature off.

When turning off this feature, you have to perform a double-tap on an item to open it and scroll the screen up or down with two fingers.

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