Direct3D not working with my video games

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When I try to start a game I get an error message “Could not load Direct3D” or I get could not find a suitable graphics card and something "Direct3D and then eventually my computer will stop responding.

I tried installing the latest version of Direct X, but I still get the same error.

Works with other programs such as playing movies.

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Direct3D not working with my video games


Is your graphics card built-in to your motherboard?

If Yes

Buy a graphics card that will be compatible to your motherboard to run your game. Most built-in cards don't run Direct 3D.

To find recommendations what Graphics card to buy check with the game developer’s website. Also, check if you might need additional RAM and your system complies with the game on both software and hardware side.

If Not

Check your graphics card and make sure you got the latest drivers and it is installed correctly.

To get the latest drivers, check with your card’s manufacturer’s website.

While checking if you got the latest drivers, check if your video graphics card can run Direct 3D.

You can also check with this website if you can run the game you want to play,

this site determines whether or not your current system can run your game.

Hope this Helps.


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Direct3D not working with my video games


Hello Francis,

That error is occurring most probably because your DirectX drivers are out of date, and therefore the resolution to the issue will be to update the drivers.

Visit the following link to update the drivers:

You will also need to update your video card driver. To do that you will just need to run Windows Update. It will just pick up the latest driver if one is available. But you can as well go ahead and download the latest driver for your video card from the cards manufacturer website, so just visit it and check the driver out.




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