Difficult to control alarm settings in Apple’s new mobile operating system

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When I go to sleep, I usually just allow for call and text notification and turn the email alert off. It was very easy to turn it off and back on before using an on/off switch in a very accessible area in my phone but now I cannot find this switch. Since this new operating system. I had to go inconveniently go through a long process just to control the sounds. It is double, but the one that I was used to doing was so much easier.

There are settings from another phone manufacturer that I’d like to have, I wish they would include it in this operating system. For now the only solution that I can think of to resolve this is to remove all limitations, can you please tell me if there are still steps that I have not taken or just did not see in this new system? How can I go back to the old process without downgrading to the old system?

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Difficult to control alarm settings in Apple’s new mobile operating system


Hi Brody,

Can you tell me what switch are you referring to? If you are using an iPhone, the switch to turn on and off the sound is on the upper left hand portion of the phone. You can toggle it to the settings and volume you like.

If you are referring to the clock option, it is not under Utilities. It comes together with the calculator, notes and compass. You can take it out of the folder so that you can easily open and access it. You just need to press the icon longer until you see it shake and just hold and drag it outside the folder into your main phone screen.


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