Differentiate Hardware Firewalls Vs. Software Firewalls

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What is the difference between hardware firewall and software firewall? Since both of them protect our computer from the malicious messages and data, so is it required to install both types of the firewall? Compare in detail hardware firewall vs. software firewall.

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Differentiate Hardware Firewalls Vs. Software Firewalls


The differences between a hardware firewall and a software firewall are as follows: 

Hardware Firewall Software Firewall 

 • The router functions as a hardware firewall.

• If a worm damages your computer, only your device will be harmed, but the hardware firewall will remain intact to prevent the viruses. It sits between your PC and the Internet.

• It provides a centralized network management that lets us configure network settings from a single device. 

• A software firewall is included in the Windows.

• A software firewall protects the computer if even the hardware firewall gets infected since it sits in between your computer and the network.

• It also lets us to choose which applications can access the network and controls the incoming traffic.


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