Different uses of Function Keys

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Hi! I just want to know what are the different uses of functions keys on the keyboard.

I often use F5 for refreshing windows but honestly I don’t know what the other function keys are for. I only use F1 to F9 when I’m playing an online game, because you will need that for short cut commands. Kindly discuss to me what the different uses of Function Keys are.

Thanks in advance.

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Different uses of Function Keys


F1-F12 function keys have different kinds of uses or totally useless. These function keys may vary depending on the operating system that you have or the application software that you are using. I’ll give the most common uses of these function keys.

  • F1 – this is a shortcut key for “help”. This is common to all programs in windows. This is also used in accessing CMOS.
  • F2 – this key is used for renaming a file/folder or for highlighting. This can also be used to access CMOS.
  • F3 – In Microsoft Windows it is commonly used for opening search window.In command prompt, pressing F3 will repeat the last command line that entered.
  • F4 – will open “find window”. Pressing ALT + F4 will exit the current use program in Windows.
  • F5 – On most browsers pressing this key will refresh the page or reload its content. When using PowerPoint it will start the slideshow.
  • F6 – Pressing this key while using Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox it will place the cursor to the Address bar.
  • F7 – In Microsoft Word and other MS Office tools, it is used to spell check and grammar. When pressing Shift + F7 it will open the built-in Thesaurus in Word.
  • F8 – When restarting the computer running Windows Operating System pressing this key will direct you to Windows Safe Mode options.
  • F9 – In Quark 5 it will open the measurement toolbar.
  • F10 – In Windows, it will activate the menu bar of a certain application that is currently being used.Pressing Shift+F10 will right click a highlighted object.
  • F11 – Changes the screen size to full screen in most Internet Browsers.
  • F12 – Will open the “Save as” window when using MS Word Office. Pressing Shift + F12 will save the current Word Document.
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Different uses of Function Keys


Functional keys contain a lot of functions in our daily life use. These are used as shortcut keys for any action require for some immediate function. As whenever you need a help you need it suddenly and you will press F1 key if you know that it is for the help menu.

 In any product if you need to get help F1 key will help you to find the solution of your problem you need to press F1 and you will be able to get it easily.

The other way to find help is to go to file menu or by finding help in the menu bar. But this key provides an instant function for this operation and is thus useful in any operation. So the basic idea behind this is to get an instant access to your desired action.

 I hope it will help you a lot to solve your problem. 

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