Different file types and objects that can be used in video editing

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I am just new and would like to have introduction with file types that we can use in non-linear video editing. What is the acronym meaning of AVI? What does MPEG2 stands for? What is the difference with MPEG2, MP3 and MP4? Which one’s the best to use in video editing? What do you mean by DivX and Xvid? What is the difference between these? What is AIFF? What is wav? What is the best audio file to be used in video editing? Thank you!

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Different file types and objects that can be used in video editing


Hello Marco!

1.  Audio-Video Interleave (AVI) – container format that contains audio and video with different codec.

2.  Moving Pictures Experts Group Layer (MPEG2) – format for digital television.

3.  The difference between this three are shown below.

MPEG2 – for broadcasting, used in television.

MPEG3 – music file only

MP4 – contains separated audio and video unlike with mpeg2.

The best one to use for video editing is MPEG2 it is almost the same with AVI. It is easier to convert any video file type to it.

4.  DivX is known for compressing long videos into smaller video file. While Xvid uses bFrames, pixel motion, custome quantization H.263, MPEG.

5.  Audi Interchange File Format (AIFF) – standard audio format.

6.  Waveform Audio File Format (WAV/WAVE) – stores audio bit-stream for PC format.

7.  WAV and AIFF are the best audio formats that you can use. Not just being accepted by most of the editing software, you can still decompress this format and do anything to enhance it. Unlike with MP3 you can only convert it to different file type.

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