Difference of other processors and Intel’s Extreme Edition

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Hi friends

What makes difference of other processors and Intel's Extreme Edition and AMD's Black Edition processors?

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Difference of other processors and Intel’s Extreme Edition


Hi Arnel Bui,

     Well, Its like what the name suggests "extreme". I mean it is somehow like a better version of a specific model of the same intel series.For example, Intel core i7 970 is compared to Intel core i7 980x extreme edition which is of the same Gulftown series. Easily, you could say extreme edition is much more capable than the other intel processor when compared to its same series. It is like saying that core i7 980x extreme edition are the better models of the core i7 Gulftown series. There's nothing more to it. Just a newer and better processor than the other just like other processors.Well, it is much like in AMD's case. Black editions are much better, but only in its series. 

It is just somehow a way of manufacturers to boost their sale. You see, most people do not really read between the lines. The do not care of the specifications of the hardware. What they consider the most are names, huge numbers, etc. For example the GPU's, they thing larger video memory means better graphics card. Although having huge video memory is good, raw video memory power does not comprise a good graphics card. It should have other things like clock speed, shader model, etc. In this case, its just a better processor than its predecessor.

Hope it helps.

>>Mathew Joni<<

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