Difference between Sybase and SQL.

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What are the Difference between Sybase and SQL based on their working and key features?

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Difference between Sybase and SQL.


The differences are in the below table:

Categories Sybase SQL Server
1. Maintainer Sybase Microsoft
2. First public release 1989 1987
3. Latest stable versions V10.5 V15
4. Windows support Yes Yes
5. Mac OS X support No No
6. Unix supports Yes No
7.             ACID
    (Atomicity, Consistency,                     Isolation, Durability)
Yes Yes
8. Transactions support Yes Yes
9. Unicode Yes Yes
10. Interface GUI and SQL SQL
11. Maximum DB sizes Unlimited 524258 TB
12. Maximum Binary value size 4 GB 2 GB
13. Indexes support Reverse, Full-text Expression, Reverse, Full-text, Spatial
14. Parallel Query                          – Yes
15. External Routines Yes Yes


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