Difference between partition manager ghost linux and true image?

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Hi guys,

I did some research on how to use my partition manager in Linux and stumbled upon what they call partition manager ghost Linux and true image.

I`m not expert in Linux since I have only used since last sem as a requirement for my major.

So, can anyone tell me the difference between ghost Linux and true image?

Or are these two related or really opposite with each other?

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Difference between partition manager ghost linux and true image?


Hi Josiemelissaa

Well there much difference between the True Image and Ghost Linux.

True Image
  1. You can run True Image on any windows version (windows 98 and further editions)
  2. It has ability to do full and incremental backups.
  3. It can backup specific files or folders.
  4. It has the ability to list and restore the specific files and folders from a tool image backup.
  5. It does not have the ability to start backup on the pre configured events.
  6. It has a reasonably windows driven interface “Eye Catching”
  7. It has extra functionalities like being able to turn it off the windows, preparing and adding new Hard Disk on your system.
  8. It will allow you to setup and secure a private partition.
Ghost Linux
  1. It also has the ability to do full or incremental backups.
  2. It has changed the nomenclature of their backups in GHOST 10 to ”recovery points”.
  3. It has useful functionality that will allow you to run a backup.
  4. Any Application is installed
  5. Any user logs on and off to the computer
  6. The data which has been added to a drive increase an amount (in megabytes).
  7. The Maxtor One touch button has to be pushed.
  8. It has an ability to start a useful backup on the pre configured events.
  9. It does offer a feature called pre/post command that will allow you to do any task before and after a particular useful backup runs.
  10. You can see the change in the UI of GHOST 9 and GHOST 10.
  11. Ghost 10 seems to be the “DUMBED” down the interface.
  12. It does not offer extra functions.
I hope it’ll help you a lot and you’ll learn many new things from here. Good Luck!
Johnstoon Leen

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