Difference between Internal and External IP Address

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I’m really confused about the difference between internal and external IP address. How do they differ from each other?

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Difference between Internal and External IP Address


The difference between the internal IP and External IP Address are

Internal IP address this is commonly we called Local IP Address these are usually what we configure in the router. External Ip Address these are the addresses that the ISP (Internet Provider) will provide to you and these will be broadcast to the internet.

So, If you have this Internal Ip add (this your IP address that the router assigned to you.) ( Internal IP Add)

When you surf the internet. Let say you open www.yahoo.com

The router recognise your Computers IP ADD(

The router will send request to the modem that you want to open www.yahoo.com

The modem recognise your request and will process your request.

When you open the site www.yahoo.com, In Yahoo webserver they will log your External IP address, in which the ISP provides it to you.

Every ISP have different External Ip Add will assign to you. that is what we called Dynamic IP Address


When you say Dynamic and Static

Dynamic – Flexible,random (IT terms)

Static – Fix, Permanent (IT terms)


I hope this will help you understand.

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Difference between Internal and External IP Address



The major differences between an External IP Address and an Internal IP Address are:
The IP Address that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) uses on its network is External IP Address. It is fundamentally governed and assigned by your ISP and you can never change or modify it. You can find it by Internet>modem>computer. External IP address is for your computer. If you are on a network using a router, the External IP is on the WAN (Wide Area Network).
Internal IP address is set up when you have a router. The system will be like this Internet>Modem>Router WAN Port

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