Difference between ethernet splitter and switch

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I am currently faced with a connection issue. Even though I have a Wi-Fi connection, the coverage is not of the same quality throughout my house. I am currently looking into extending my wired connection. I would like to know the difference between an Ethernet switch and a splitter. Also, I would like to know what the effect on my internet speed and quality is.

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Difference between ethernet splitter and switch


 The reason we want to use a Hub, a switch and a splitter is because we want to gain extra Ethernet ports. But there are things you need to balance if you choose either one of these tools:

·         Hubs and Switches come with AC adapter, simply means that it needs power to operate, thus raising your electric bill.

·         A Splitter doesn’t need power to operate, it simply just splits 1 port into 2 usable ports. (Does it mean that the port speed is cut by half and distribute the halves to each port? The answer is NO)

·         Ethernet cable contains 8 wires. A splitter uses 4 dedicated wires, so having this advantage, packet collisions is not likely to occur, 10Mbit and 100Mbit Ethernet also uses 4 wires.

·         Switches can give you more Ports, needs power supply unless powered by PoE, requires setting up.

So in terms of performance, a switch will not decrease it, but a Gigabit Switch can increase bandwidth, although Switch increases performance, they also come at a high price.

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