Difference between counterfeit and genuine Operating System?

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Recently I bought a genuine window 7 and install it on my laptop but before that i use counterfeit windows 7. So far my counterfeit product seem to work well, no technical issues encounter. Some people prefer to use the fake one rather than the Genuine for some reasons, one of this is the cost of buying a genuine Os. Fake one can be downloaded and can be use to manipulate the software and activate it without paying. All the feature are similar, and I think fake one can also update windows.

I'm just wondering what is the advantage of using a Genuine OS. Does using counterfeit product may harm  your hardware or any installed software?

What are the risk the may encounter from installing a counterfeit OS?

Is it against the law?.

Please people, can you elaborate more about the difference between the two.

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Difference between counterfeit and genuine Operating System?


What is the difference between a Counterfeit Operating System to the Original?

Actually, to determine if you have the operating system and not the counterfeit operating system; the first thing that you need to find is the (WGA) also known as Windows Genuine Advantage. That helps you to see if what you bought is original or counterfeit. The issue you have is what the difference between the two is: The answer is simple; if you buy the counterfeit operating system you cannot have the updates on the operating system unlike the original operating system that has the usual updates on the programs that is installed on it. Another thing that is good on original operating system is that they have unique product codes unlike the counterfeit that always have the same product codes which causes some problems technically because some operating system requires a minimal number of times of using the product code. Oh, by the way what was the (WGA) windows genuine advantage used for: it is used to automatically validate all the Windows system that is installed on your computer; if it is already used then it tells you on the remaining number of times that you can use it then when it reached the limit then you cannot use it anymore.

The updates and new releases on Microsoft can all be found in the Microsoft Download Center and Windows Update. But here’s the catch, when you use the original version of windows operating system there will be attempts to access the services that is offered on the Microsoft Download Center and Windows Update, the embedded Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) that is found in the core of the original windows operating system provides information necessary for the aforementioned web portals to validate the authenticity of the windows operating system version that you use to access all of its services.  The absence of the services will make the Microsoft operating system version virtually negative and it will void to the access of the mentioned web portals.

But when it notices that you are using a counterfeit Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) process versions that is integrated in the windows operating system products, the web portals embeds a message that details the counterfeit status of your product together with the steps that is necessary to take in order to resolve the counterfeit problem.

This definitely means that Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) is directly embedded to the core of the latest Windows Operating System (Like Windows 7 version). This provides Microsoft Corporation on checking the validity of the Microsoft Windows Operating System which are accessing the Windows Update and Windows Download Center.

As for me, I like using the Original Operating System. I hope I helped you with this and hope that you can decide. 

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Difference between counterfeit and genuine Operating System?


When you use a counterfeit or pirated copy of Microsoft Windows, there are, of course, pros and cons. For the pros, you can use the operating system for free. You just need to download the operating system like in an ISO file and burn it on a blank CD or DVD and use it to install Microsoft Windows on a computer.

When you install it, it is already activated and ready to use. Your only problem would be the entire process of installing the operating system on the computer plus the drivers you need to download and install. The counterfeit copy is also capable of updating the operating system. Windows Update can download and install updates from the Microsoft server. There is no restriction.

All features of the edition you selected are activated. For the cons, some counterfeit include a virus like the one I purchased before. The CD or DVD of a counterfeit copy can be bought at a very cheap price. When I scanned the disc I purchased with my antivirus, it detected a virus within the CD.

When I checked what file it is pointing to, I learned that it is the activator itself. This activator is the one responsible for activating the operating system once installed on the computer. It will register your name as if you purchased the operating system legally. This malware is very dangerous because it can acquire your personal data as you use your computer.

You wouldn’t know what kind of information it can collect and if it allows an operator or a hacker to connect to your computer without you knowing it. A counterfeit copy is not allowed to download an upgrade from Microsoft.

If you wish to upgrade your operating system to a much higher version, when you try to download it on the Microsoft website, the website will prompt you to provide your product key for verification. This is a “dead end” if you are using a counterfeit. You need to download the upgrade from other sources if you wish to pursue upgrading.

Though you can download and install Windows Updates anytime, upgrading Microsoft Windows is another thing for pirated copies. The easiest solution, in this case, is to clean install the new operating system.

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