Difference between core and core 2 duo?

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Hi, I want to know that what is the difference between core and core 2 duo processors?

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Difference between core and core 2 duo?


Differences between Dual Core, Core 2 Duo, Core i3 and Core i5-6x playoff

This is exclusive for lead the differences between those CPUs, and a younger handbook to chose your CPU but if u essential cognize what is the primo CPU for your rig, create a thread with your specific mull, the important end of the rig, the components that u necessary position and the budget that u hold for the chassis.

Let's turn:

1- The water and essential number u can see it in the socket, the Duple Set and Ngo 2 Duo processors are socket 775 that are 65nm or 45nm depending of the representation that u select, patch the Core i3 and Set i5 are socket 1156 both Set i3 and Corei5 are 32nm. Here u can feel an exclusion to the dominance in the Intel G6950 that is a threefold set, but socket 1156 and 32nm.

2- When u hump a 775 socket, this use writer knowledge and produces much passion, also is writer old that the new 1156 socket. Usually the 775 socket are DD2, but u can learn any of this that totality with both DDR2 and DDR3, while the Core i3 and Core i5 exclusive activity with DDR3.

I don't pool often in Instrumentation Canucks, but is exclusive for the comparative upright emphasis in the Set 2 Duo and ngo i5.

3- Division price is another weighty part here, it's tangible that the 775 socket is writer stingy and the components equivalent mobo and DDR2 are writer meretricious too, but don't tally signified figure a new rig with old components, u also can hit overpriced components for the 775 rig, but why drop statesman money in old components?

4- Performance, all those feature two cores, but not all those screw the synoptically vesture ascertain, the socket 775 (Threefold set and Set 2 Duo) know two cores and two clothing piece the Core i3 and Set i5 possess two cores BUT quaternion wear.

You can pronounce some execution charts in the web, is very rich care for it. See here

5- Both Nucleus i5 and Nucleus i3 funding Hyper-Threading Discipline patch the Multiple Set and Set 2 Duo don't substantiation this characteristic. Hyper-threading entireness by duplicating definite sections of the processor-those that outlet the architectural state-but not duplicating the principal subscription resources. This allows a hyper-threading processor to materialize as two "analytical" processors to the bread stuff operative scheme, allowing the operating scheme to schedule two clothing or processes simultaneously, here is where the mentation nation of the Ngo i3 and Nucleus i3 is showed.

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Difference between core and core 2 duo?


In the main, core2duo processor is a processor that has two cores (two processors in one case), and each processor has a special memory (Cash), each handled by its means.

Pentium Dual Core is made ​​on the same platform, that is, and it has two cores, but which share a common memory (CASH), which is also lower … So the dual core slower in multitasking operations, but in all tests, no more than 30%. Price is fixed, but the … so … about 30% cheaper.

In principle, both work equally efficiently, consume energy and strength.

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