Device cannot be found – Mikomi web cam

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I bought a new Mikomi web cam today and when I got home, I eagerly went online to download the driver. Unfortunately, I got this message saying “The device cannot be found” and I was unable to proceed. Does this mean my PC doesn’t detect the web cam?

Please give me an advice on this. I would appreciate any help. Thanks!

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Device cannot be found – Mikomi web cam


Hi Kate,

   I have a few solutions for you. Did you tried the webcam in other USB slots?.. If not, try it on other Slots or PC. If your having the same problem it might be that the webcam is in trouble, I do believe every devices in PC comes in with a CD drivers bundle. You should try that one first for full compatibility.  Other than that you should check the programs for any conflict in devices. 



Veritile Phil

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Device cannot be found – Mikomi web cam


I will advise that you check if indeed the driver that you downloaded was installed or it wasn't because that driver might not have installed due to compatibility issues.

  • Go to start and then Computer.
  • Right click on Computer and choose system properties.
  • In the window that will open, click on device manager.
  • From the list, check if the webcam drivers are installed. They should not be having a yellow question mark for you to be sure that they are installed.

In case there is a yellow question mark on the webcam drivers, then they were not installed successfully and therefore you will need to search for the right drivers and install them again.

Thompson Locker


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