Determine reason of battery drainage

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I am using MacBook Pro, and have noticed lately that my battery life is draining very quickly. I stopped a few dynamic applications that were running but still, that didn't make much of a difference. Is it possible to determine what the cause is? If so, how can that be done?

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Determine reason of battery drainage

Battery issue is a widespread issue among the users of apple. 
It is possible that your usage of the device caused the problem or it might be that the problem is with your device.
You can maximize the use of your battery life but not to the extent that you fully drain your battery. It is wise to charge your device when it almost fully discharged.
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Determine reason of battery drainage



The first thing to do is just turn off the MacBook , then remove and reinstall the battery. If the problem persists, then Apple recommends that you, if you have not already done so, upgrade at least OS 10.4.9 , because the cause might be a firmware issue (bug). This can be done by software update under the :
Apple> Software Update
Alternatively, you can download it.
Next thing to try is to update the battery's firmware to Battery Update 1.2 which is a software that improves its functionality. You can run Software Update to install it. Battery Update requires at least OS 10.4.8 .
If you are still experiencing a battery issue after running Battery Update, Apple recommends that you take your computer to your local Apple store or to an Apple authorized service provider.
Hope this helps.
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