Detected and terminated hacking tool program

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I have downloaded a game and tried to play but an error message displayed after sometimes. I could not understand what did happen to this. Can someone help me to resolve this annoying error message? I want to fix this problem ASAP. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Detected and terminated hacking tool program. (10801)

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Detected and terminated hacking tool program


Your anti-virus program is doing its job. The game has bundled hacking software and someone may be trying to gain access of your computer. I am sure that the game is free. Please uninstall the game immediately and remove any traces of it from your computer. Run a good registry program also. Be very careful in future about installing programs / games/ software from free sites. They may harm you and your computer.

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Detected and terminated hacking tool program


Hi Carney Dale ,

It could be caused by a lot of causes:

  • First of all your anti-virus program(s) might interfere with the “KO client”, which in turn will make Hackshield title & give you this error.

To stop this from happening you may tell your anti-virus program to ignore the “C:nttgame folder”. Most anti-virus have ignore/exception utility, add the “C:nttgame folder” there & if firewall program causing this problem it should go away.

  • Secondly, sometimes malware may be the reason & utmost of the time normal anti-virus programs   is unable to detect this. To remove these kind of problems on your PC you need programs that are made for it.

A super program is Malwarebytes Antimalware

Download, install & update it. Then reboot your PC into safe mode (press “F8” key while you have the POST screen, then choose "Safe mode") & execute the scan. I recommend you don’t do anything else while the scan is in progress.

The program will scan your PC & when will be finished provide you with the result. If it find any infections on your PC let the program remove them and If it didn't find any infections you may proceed by rebooting your PC.

  • After that, if you're still receiving this error it can be caused by other legitimate software on your PC. Fraps, Skype, MSN & other programs are known (or at least was known) to sometimes cause ”Hackshield errors”.

In this situation, go to start >> write MSCONFIG >> the Startup. This window will show all the programs that start when you turn on your PC.

Go through the list & eliminate programs you don't require, but be sure you don't eliminate anti-virus or other programs needed by your hardware (Graphics drivers, HDD etc).

If you start to get other errors while using your computer after you have performed this step, you can go back in the list and check them again so they start up again.

  • If you're still facing problem I would recommend you to reinstalling the windows.

Hope this helps

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