Detail on Enterprise database system

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I want some details on ENTERPRISE database:

1. How many people can work in this kind of database?

2. Does it use both LANs and WANs?

3. Is it only limited to a city or does it run all over the world?

4. How does it differ from PERSONAL database and GROUPWORK database systems?

5. Is it more efficient than other databases?

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Detail on Enterprise database system



1. In this kind of database, internal within the organization or I can say a centralized data.
2. It uses a LAN or WANs
3. It is not limited to the city. It runs all over the world also. It all depends on the organization.
4. By using his own security feature, it easily differentiates between both personal and group work.
5. It is not difficult than other databases, it is much easily accessible whenever required and also easily maintainable.

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