Desktop monitor shows black screen

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Need help on blank screen.

What are the things, cables or wires or accessories i need to check in my computer that is showing a black screen with no beep sound when the power is on, monitor lights on, and CPU is running okay?

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Desktop monitor shows black screen


Hi Anonymous,

When you mentioned that the power/monitor lights are on, is the LED indicator showing that it is on sleep/hibernate/standby mode or ON mode. 

Supposing that the LED indicator is showing that its on sleep/hibernate/standby mode. the culprit may be the connecting wire between the monitor and the CPU, or the IN slot of the monitor itself, or the output of the CPU 


Supposing that the LED indicator is in ON mode:

When the monitor was in working condition, does the monitor present the manufacturer's logo during the 1-2 second interval startup time? (some models do) (if it does before, the screen itself might already be broken) 

Check the contrast/setting of the monitor – Press the menu button; regardless of the contrast you should definitely see the menu popping up on the monitor.

If it does, do a reset using the menu.

If it doesn't, the screen may be broken. 


Hope that helps!



Paul Pinalb!

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Desktop monitor shows black screen



If your desktop monitor shows black screen

Then follow the below steps

1. Attached your cpu unit with another monitor to check display on another monitor

2. Check Your MotherBoard's RAM(Random Access Memory Chips) clean it & reinstall it on your Motherboard.

3. If you use display graphics card then just remove it from Motherboard & use onboard display graphics .

If same problem exist then,

4. As you say no beep sounds from your CPU motherboard then check your SMPS (Power Supply) actually there is Grey color power good signal cable (To prevent the computer from starting up prematurely, the power supply puts out a signal to the motherboard called "Power Good" (or "PowerGood", or "Power OK", or "PWR OK" and so on) after it completes its internal tests and determines that the power is ready for use. Until this signal is sent, the motherboard will refuse to start up the computer.)

If any problem with this power good signal cable then change your SMPS (Power Supply) your problem is 100% solved.

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