Describe me the function of Disk Doctors Linux recovery program

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Please tell me that how the data of computer is lost while using Linux operating system and also describe me the function of

Disk Doctors Linux recovery program ?

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Describe me the function of Disk Doctors Linux recovery program


Hi Allison,

How is data lost on a computer using a Linux Operating system?

  • Linux based file system is somewhat prone to data loss, it seems as if the speed of Linux results in errors. Using Linux, you may face data loss due to any of the following hard drive segmenting and file storage problems:

1. Lost / Corrupted MBR

2. Lost / Corrupted Super Block

3. Lost / Corrupted Inode Table

4. Deletion of Files & Folders

5. Corruption in Root Directory

6. Corrupt BGD (Block Group Descriptor)

That’s when the Disk Doctors Linux Recovery Program comes in; it has been especially built to counter any of the above problems.

Disk Doctors Linux Data Recovery Software recovers files:

1. Removed by any virus attack, power failure or system crash or due to any human error.

2. After the volume has been reformatted, even with a different file system.

3. When volume structure on a disk was changed or damaged.

4. From disks with bad sectors (Using the disk imaging and disk cloning facility). This notably is useful when new bad sectors are constantly forming on disk and then leftover data must be immediately saved.

Hope it helps!



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