DELL Smart Card USB Keyboard Failed to Boot.

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I have a Smart Card USB keyboard of DELL, after installing a fresh copy of windows, it asks for a driver but I didn’t install it ever & it work properly. But now, when I put the Windows XP cd to boot, it asks “press any key” & my keyboard looks like dead & doesn’t work. Keyboard model is SK-3106 & pc motherboard is D845grg, any one please help.

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DELL Smart Card USB Keyboard Failed to Boot.


There is two reason of your problem.

Solution 1:

The first solution of your problem is that, that your keyboard may be not working properly and there is some error in your keyboard so please you must go to the computer shop and purchase a new keyboard.

Solution 2:

The second solution of your problem is that, that PS2 jack of your computer is corrupted and not working so please you go to computer accessories shop and buy the USB pin keyboard and use it may be solve your problem.


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DELL Smart Card USB Keyboard Failed to Boot.


You may solve this issue by following my below instructions.

I think your keyboard may not work properly, check your computer USB port and Keyboard USB port. For checking USB port open your computer and wait till desktop come then put your flash drive and if it is work then put your keyboard USB port in that USB port.

If it is not working then keep it plugged in and reboot your computer then see it may work. If you it is not working now then check your keyboard line. If everything is okay but your keyboard is not working then you need to buy a new keyboard.

NB: If your keyboard has PS2 port then convert it buy a converter PS2 to USB then try above instructions.

Thank you.

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DELL Smart Card USB Keyboard Failed to Boot.


If you have a USB keyboard from Dell and it works properly the first time you use it even without installing the driver, that’s because Windows includes generic drivers for USB keyboards. If your USB keyboard requires a driver, the driver’s function is mainly for added features only. It should work with or without the driver.

If the keyboard doesn’t work when you need to press a key to boot the computer from the CD on startup, try transferring the cable to another USB port. There’s no reason for the keyboard to not work when you’re in the DOS screen or when you see the BIOS screen because no driver is running at this time.

All USB keyboards must be usable or working in the DOS screen when the computer is booting. To download the driver for your USB keyboard, go to Dell Support then enter your product’s service tag, model number, or serial number and then click to search. When the product is located, click your product to go to the download page.

Before downloading, select your correct operating system then download and install the driver on your computer.

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