Delete query in the ‘before update’ of form

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I have a problem sending data to a group of people in my Outlook address. When the email is being sent, all the other entries are included in the documents being sent in the email. I am trying to build a form in which I input the data and after clicking the submit button, an email in XLS format is sent to a number of people that I have selected after the event code has enabled the data to be entered. I am also wondering if it is necessary to a have a delete query in the ‘before update’ of form? Can you help me with the code for doing this if I should have the delete query?

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Delete query in the ‘before update’ of form



To cancel a form you have released but no more require, you have to accessibility the Negotiate Varieties window. You are able to accessibility this window two way, either through the Equipment Alternatives command, or perhaps with the Attributes frame of a brochure. 

To entry the particular Manage Forms windows using the brochure attributes, go these steps: 

1. Right-click type A booklet (usually the actual folder in which the form was published), then click Attributes. 
2. Around the Types chit, click Pull off. 
3. Click Arranged, and then within side the Set Library To frame, select the types room or folder that contains the actual released form, then click OK. 
4. Click to pick the form you want to cancel, then click Delete. 
To entry the actual Forms Supervisor home house glass Microsoft windows 7 with out selecting a booklet, follow these types of staircase: 

1. Around the Equipment menu, click Choices. 
2. Click another tab then click Advanced Alternatives. 
3. Click Customized Types and then click Pull off Varieties. 
NOTE: Unlike earlier types associated with Microsoft Perspective, Perspective 2003 lets you cancel type A published type only if you are utilizing an Internet mail account.

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