Delayed Write failed error in my USB hard drive

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My USB hard drive has a Delayed Write failed error. This is another kind of error which is more common with USB hard drives due to some error in the File allocation table.

This is a disgusting thing for me. How can I recover it?

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Delayed Write failed error in my USB hard drive



To recover it, you can try to do following:

  • The error might be caused by a lot of reasons, but most probably the problem can be found in the device driver.  For example with SCSI or with RAID device driver. So, make sure that your drivers are up-to date. It depends on your device driver so that you can check all information, etc. You will find this on the webpage of the manufacturer.
  • Another reason of this error might be cabling problem. The cable can be broken or faulty, so check it.  It can also be because the cable is too long or hooked up through a hub that is not up to spec.
  • If you are using UDMA drive which requires 80 pin cable, so check if you are using a right cable.
  • Another solution is to try to connect the external drive to any other computer and take a backup of the data on the computer or any other external device. Then, try to format it to FAT32 or NTFS format.

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