Del contacts from Samsung S2

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I delete with all my contacts from Samsung S2, please anyone that can tell me how to recover them again.

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Del contacts from Samsung S2


Hello Kristna Medla,

The only way you can recover your deleted contacts from your Samsung S2 is if you sync or backup your contacts. There are many different carriers the covers the Samsung Galaxy S2. AT&T, T – Mobile, Sprint, and International Android Forums. I am not sure which one you have, but the only way you can recover your deleted contracts is if you backed them up to your Google account(Gmail) or Outlook.

Export Contracts from Outlook

Export Contracts from Outlook.





  1. Go to Outlook.
  2. Click on File.

  3. Then click on Options.

  4. Select Advanced.

  5. Then click Export.

  6. Choose the option for Comma Separated Values (Windows).

  7. Select any if all contracts that you want to export.

  8. Name your contract file.

  9. Click the Browse to save the file.

  10. The Map Custom Fields needs to be clicked if there are any custom fields in the contracts this will tell the system how to handle them.

  11. After reviewing click Finish.

For Importing Contracts to Google Account. To go on to your Google account (Gmail) on a desktop log in and go to your contacts. Gmail restores contacts usually up to 30 days old, so hopefully you can get to them before they are gone.






  1. Open your Google Account Inbox (Gmail).
  2. Select Gmail option on the left this will select the contacts.

  3. Next click the More button located at the top of the contact list.

  4. Click on import.

  5. You will now be able to synchronize your device by editing your contacts.

  6. You have the sync options for the Gmail account on your phone.

  7. Select Applications.

  8. Then pick settings.

  9. Next Accounts and sync.

  10. Select Sync Contacts to synchronize the contacts that have just been imported to your device.


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Del contacts from Samsung S2


Hi Kristna,

If you have backed up your contacts or sync'd them before deleting then it's fairly simple, all you have to do is to open kies and go to back up / restore then choosing to recover your contacts.

The problem is actually If the contacts you deleted are not backed up or sync'd before you deleting them then your only shot for getting them back is that you have been syncing them with Google, So you need to quickly go to menu > settings > accounts and sync > Gmail > uncheck contacts to prevent updating of the current state of no contacts.

Now log in to Gmail from a desktop location and go to contacts, check if they are still there. If you find them create a backup from your desktop > transfer to SD card > then back it up again on your phone.

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Del contacts from Samsung S2



Android does not give the provisions of restoring information. If you haven’t been able to keep a backup anywhere, you are in big trouble. There is no way through which you can get the deleted information back. In fact, no application has been developed yet that could have saved you from this trouble.

So, if you have other important information on your device, keeping a backup right now will be a very good idea. There are different forums for every Android version; you can check your respective forum for additional information on your device.

And for the future, sync up your device with Google and you will never lose any important contacts.

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