Defragmentation on C drive with Ultimate Defrag

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Good day!
Can you please help me with this…
I have done defragmentation on C drive with Ultimate Defrag Ver. 3.
The defragmentation done with the auto parameters.
Some clusters showing bad and it is arranged in the middle of the drive.
is something bad happened?
Thanks for your help…

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Defragmentation on C drive with Ultimate Defrag


Hi there

Bad clusters are data that is corrupted and cannot be used by your system. Bad clusters are common in a hard drive as well as bad sectors. A bad sector is a physical problem on the magnetic surface on the hard disk. This makes the sector unfit for read/write function and can never be repaired. But bad clusters can be removed by doing a format.

The defragmentation makes bad clusters continuous to free up hard disk sectors, they also move it to the farthest sector from the center. You need not worry unless the bad clusters are numerous in which case reformat is the only solution.

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