Definition and advantages of modeling

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How to define modeling and what are the advantages of developing a model? Moreover, I want  know exactly, where the Admin model is included in an ATM machine processing system and the number of possible models that can result in its successful functioning. ..

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Definition and advantages of modeling


Hello Orlagh,

Modeling refers to the art or the practice which involves the use of physical or conceptual models, or computer hardware and software, with the aim of trying to create the illusion what is real.

Modeling has taken the shape of trying to simulate activities that depend on human factors and which possess a large proportion of uncertainty, such as social, economic or commercial systems in an attempt to make the computer behave like a human being. Applications like these have made research and growth in the modeling field to increase at a higher rate.

The model of an ATM involves virtual circuits which use the concept of the virtual paths and channels in executing the instructions.


Lee Hung

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Definition and advantages of modeling



Hi Orlagh,
Modeling is defining as it’s the basis for controlling the various activates required for developing and
 maintains a software product. Some advantages of modeling is:
1.Its estimates parameters of interest Uses all information in data.
2.It helps to understand the behavior of the system.
3.Faculties to process reuse
ATM machine that’s in Parallel to the development of the industry different modes have made it necessary to reinforce the levels of security unitized in ATM’s to adapt biometric technology to the ATM network.  
Process modeling is technique use to analysis the system.ATM process model breakdown consist of splitting a process into constituent processes.
Thanking you. hope this help you.


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