Defining name to the folder.

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Why the folder with name 'con' or folder without defining name is not possible to make?

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Defining name to the folder.


Hi Roda Miranda,

1. Why folder with the name of con can not be created ?

> In windows "con" is a special keyword which can be used for system or moreover for operating system purpose only. So , you can not create a folder with the name of "con".

2. The folder without name.

> There are certain tricks to create a folder without any name.

  1. Create folder and press "alt +255"  , will create a folder name without name.


Sophia Taj

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Defining name to the folder.


Not only a folder with name “con” but also a folder with the name like “com1”  “com2” “prn”  “nul” “lpt1” “lpt2” and some other words can not be created in windows. Now the question is why?

This is because these names are reserved for the internal devices of the operating system, hence can not be created.

But if we want to create then there is a trick. Try this to create the folder with any of the above mentioned names.

Open Command Prompt and type this command.

C:>md \.e:con

Yes, this is created. Now you can not delete it in windows. In order to delete it, again go to command prompt and type following command.

C:>rd \.e:con

Gone, you have successfully deleted the folder.

Note: In order to delete the folder using above Dos command it is necessary that folder should be empty.

Here is another trick to create a folder without name:

1.   Right click > New > New Folder

2.   Press delete key to delete the default New Folder text.

3.   Now press Alt + 0160

4.   Press Enter

5.   You have created a folder without name.

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